New Small Works

East Hills Station_Resized for Blog

East Hills Station, 5″ x 7″, Oil on Panel, 2016

For the last year I’ve been  working on smaller sized oil paintings along with my larger pieces on canvas and panel. These paintings focus on mostly rural and urban landscape as well as the figure. As with all my work, I am focused more on the essence and atmosphere of the subject, not purely a representation of it. They are a record of moments encountered. These scenes  are not only visual experiences, but they conjure emotions and memories far beyond communicating through words.

Nightcall_Resized for Blog

Nightcall, 5″ x 7″, Oil on Arches Oil Paper, 2016

The above painting Nightcall is another small piece done on Arches Oil Paper. I mentioned in my previous post how I recently discovered this new product from Arches, and I’m really enjoying using it for studies, sketches and small works. The clean borders are the result of using painters / artists tape to mask off the sides and establish dimensions. As with all small painting, the ability to work quickly and have a finished piece within a relatively short amount of time is incredibly rewarding. Having spent more hours than I can count on larger format work, this is a great opportunity for all artists to not only hone their skills but to produce more work.

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